Overworking is not a virtue, and hustle culture has to be gone once and for all.

woman woking at desk
woman woking at desk
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Let’s rethink normality and let orthodoxies die

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And the positive effects of speaking up as a bystander

Illustration by the author


Here is what you can do instead

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“You are so exotic.”

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An extensive guide to sustainable meat consumption from an omnivore environmental scientist

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What do 18th-century naturalists have to do with today’s beauty standards?

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My therapist’s advice on how not to fall into unhealthy relationship patterns ever again

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  • fixing others
  • attracting narcissistic partners
  • codependency
  • need of external validation
  • living on…

Travel. Pandemic. Mindful Traveling.

A look at why we travel.

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Stop equating skin with sex

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Ono Mergen

Environmental scientist& entrepreneur. Rethinking culture, future, science, society. ☕️❤ ko-fi.com/onomergen🌍 Top writer 📬ono@onoceans.com

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